A powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation platform that helps you engage your students - in and out of the classroom.

Flat collaboration

A Collaborative Experience

Take advantage of Flat for Education's unique collaborative environment by letting your students work in real-time on the same score, both in and away from the classroom.

Effective and Playful Music Assignments

From composition assignments to rhythmic dictations to music theory worksheets, Flat for Education offers a wide range of interactive, engaging and elaborate activities to stimulate your classroom's creativity!

Smart Classroom Management and Seamless Grading

Flat for Education helps manage your classroom by allowing teachers to easily track student engagement on each assignment, their progress over time, and final results. Easily switch between student work for review and grading with ease.

Real-time Feedback and In-line Comments

Encourage students to do their best work by commenting and giving feedback in real time.

Flat for Education
Flat for Education export

Export to PracticeFirst and Soundtrap for Education

Export compositions directly to PracticeFirst or Soundtrap for Education, making it easier than ever to create custom assessment exercises, make backing tracks, or combine compositions with recorded audio files.

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