Focus on Sound Pro

Online Resources Supporting Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level Music

The renowned Focus on Sound Pro is the ultimate interactive and authoritative online resource. It enhances teaching and learning music with pre-made lessons and tests, and tools to create content, all within a classroom and homework platform.

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MusicFirst Create

Creativity, Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

Every music student should have the opportunity to create and compose music using digital tools. Soundtrap for Education, Noteflight Learn and Flat for Education are outlets for students to be creative, offering first-class tools for sequencing and notation.

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MusicFirst Select

Your opportunity to be creative and select your own solution

Choose from the wide range of cloud-based software applications in the MusicFirst suite including Auralia, Musition and those within the Learn and Create packages to create your bespoke solution.

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MusicFirst Classroom

Bringing it all together - centralised classroom solution 

Bring your chosen software applications together in a comprehensive Learning Management System with engaging content and tools for assessment, lesson creation, and scheduling.

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Primary Music

At Primary level, our solutions cover so many aspects of Primary music and are the perfect supplement to your existing curriculum.

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