Soundation Education is a revolutionary sequencer and audio recording program that runs completely in the browser. Unlike traditional DAWs, Soundation4Education lives entirely in the cloud, works on any computer with internet access, and does not require any special hardware setup.

Soundation Education has all of the features of an audio and music sequencer, so students can:

  • Manipulate audio loops from an extensive built-in library
  • Build up multi-track sequences
  • Import audio files from your computer
  • Record directly into Soundation (you can use your computer’s microphone, a USB microphone, or a more complex audio interface setup)
  • Save and store your work online, or export it as a file off the website onto your hard drive.
  • Play MIDI data straight into Soundation via a MIDI Keyboard (if you have one attached) or using an on-screen virtual keyboard.
  • Import MIDI files from your computer into Soundation
  • Learn to mix and add effects (reverb/EQ/compression etc.)
  • Learn automation of track volume, panning, reverb, and many soft synth parameters

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