OGenPlus is a composing and learning software that simplifies music-making for your students.

They can craft music elements using the Wheel or Music Grid and seamlessly arrange, record, and export compositions with the Clip Arranger. The instruments come with a range of scales, chords, and chord sequences. Students can also add individual notes and sounds.


The Lesson Library offers cutting-edge built-in video lessons specially designed to fulfil the music curriculum. It covers core musical concepts, using chord sequences, composing for film, and a wide range of genres. It is an immersive educational experience for your students. The lessons make OGenPlus non-specialist teacher-friendly, too.


With the extensive Loop and Project Starter Library, your students can adapt and edit various musical styles, allowing them to personalise their compositions and take ownership of their musical talents. These loops can be exported directly into Soundtrap or any other DAW. For example, OGenPlus is the perfect tool for song-writing projects at key stage two.


OGenPlus is cloud-based, compatible with Macs, Chromebooks, PCs, and tablets.

  • User-friendly interface for easy instruction and suitable for SEN students
  • Engaging learning platform 
  • Aligned with curriculum standards 
  • Includes immersive video lessons 
  • Promotes creativity and music exploration. 

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