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Life in my Music Department at The Windsor Boy's School - James Manwaring

Life in a music department is never dull. Every day is different, and there are always highlights, challenges and surprises. The life of a music teacher is therefore also never dull, and I love working every day in a lively and thriving department. 

I think that it is one of the best roles in a school because you can work with students from all year groups and they are often students who really do care. It is also wonderful to watch students new to music who are discovering it for the first time, as well as more accomplished musicians who really want to develop their skills.

Music is a subject which is alive, with new music being released almost every day. Whether it be a new album,
film score or musical cast recording, there is always something new to listen to. This means that you always have
something new to explore with students. Music is always changing, as is the software available to music teachers. Over my career I have seen so many developments in music teaching, software, and access to music. It is amazing to think how far we have come, and I don’t know how I would have survived the pandemic without all the cloud-based technology that is available.

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Windsor, Berkshire, UK


"I can wholeheartedly recommend the MusicFirst program. I’ve seen the change that it’s brought in our students. I’ve seen so much greater motivation as a result of being able to engage in music outside the classroom, at home, as independent students, as musicians. The fact that we’re giving students now the tools to be musicians is such a powerful message that we can send them.”
Simon Toyne
Simon Toyne - Executive Director of Music
David Ross Education Trust
East Midlands, UK
“Our GCSE students love using Focus on Sound. We do the OCR specification but use all of the lessons from other exam boards too for wider listening. It’s great music teaching!”
Mark Aitchison
Mark Aitchison, Head of Music
Droitwich Spa High School
Worcestershire, UK