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New Year - New Focus

Where is your focus in 2024?
Are you looking for fresh ideas to enhance the learning experience
of your students?
Do you feel like you need innovative ways to teach and assess
in your classroom?

Focus on Sound Fridays is a weekly bitesize bulletin from a practising classroom music teacher aimed at giving you tips to make the most of using Focus on Sound in 2024. It will bring a new idea every week, and you will see the benefits for you and your students in no time at all.
James Manwaring
Director of Music - Windsor Learning Partnership
I am a classroom teacher, and I use Focus on Sound every day, both as part of my teaching in the classroom and for setting homework. It is a resource I can’t do without. My students love using it to look up key terms, bring important pieces to life, and improve their understanding of music theory.
Every Friday I will share a new tip, idea or feature with you that I think will enhance your teaching. My aim is to inspire you on how to use this fantastic resource in practice as part of your daily teaching and as a tool for homework and assessment.
My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to make sure that each and every student that I teach knows that when they log into Focus on Sound, they will find the answers they are looking for and also learn something new every day.
So, join me as I focus more in 2024!
Read the first bulletin..... Good Habits

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About James Manwaring

James is the Director of Music for the Windsor Learning Partnership Multi-academy Trust. He has held the post of Head of Music at The Windsor Boy's School for over 15 years. James is currently the President-Elect of the Music Teachers Association.