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MusicFirst Educator Certification

We are proud to offer a series of 100% online certifications designed to help you master all essential functions in the MusicFirst Classroom & MusicFirst Junior platforms and become comfortable using integrated software. These courses run asynchronously, allowing busy music educators to complete coursework according to their own schedules; Attendance is required at one live webinar. Upon successful completion of the certification, participants will obtain official MusicFirst Educator status, demonstrating their ability to use the suite of MusicFirst software in music teaching and learning contexts.


MusicFirst Certification for Ensemble Directors

This course for band, orchestra, and choir directors focuses on how music educators can leverage technology to effectively & efficiently teach and assess a large number of students. The course is designed to help you make the most of the MusicFirst Classroom content & integrated software geared toward performance ensembles. The course will cover class management, the MusicFirst Library, and content creation in the first several sessions. Later sessions will move on to more advanced topics, which include how to use integrated software (PracticeFirst, Sight Reading Factory, Noteflight Learn, Auralia, & Musition) to create rich content for students.



MusicFirst Certification for Music Theory and General Music Teachers

One of the challenges in music education is bridging the gap between a student's musical tastes and the sonic art which educators consider "music." Teens often look at music taught in traditional classrooms as "school music," and music played on their device of choice as "their music." This course, written for middle/high school general music & music theory teachers, will provide powerful tools to teach elements of thinking in sound, and ideas for creative activities using popular and world music to teach rhythm, harmony, and melody. Participants will become acquainted with software applications, including: O-Generator, Soundtrap EDU, Soundation 4 Education, Noteflight Learn, and Focus on Sound, as well as a wealth of purpose-built content available in the MusicFirst Library.



MusicFirst Junior Certification for Elementary Music Teachers

This certification course for elementary school general music teachers is designed to help you master all essential functions in the MusicFirst Junior platform and become comfortable with the integrated software. In the first portion of the course, participants will learn about the general structure and functionality of the MusicFirst Junior platform, including: class management, the content library, content creation, and user modes. The second half of the course will cover integrated software, including: Groovy Music, Morton Subotnick's Music Academy, and InstrumentsFirst.