Classroom Resources

MusicFirst is the ultimate source of inspiration for your classroom. With lots of lesson plans and direct access to a worldwide network of teachers, you’ll never run out of ideas!

The World’s Largest Selection of Instructional Content

Enjoy complete access to the world’s largest source of instructional materials and sheet music from Music Sales Group including content from G. Schirmer, Rhinegold Education, Novello & Company, Chester, and more. From basic recorder instruction to top-level education books and sheet music, MusicFirst delivers a wealth of resources.

Lesson Plans at Your Fingertips

MusicFirst also features a large library of custom-made, lesson plans—complete with audio examples, interactive lesson sheets, and more. Each lesson is mapped to educational standards, and you can search by grade level, subject, standard, and more.

Store Unlimited Lesson Plans

With MusicFirst, you’ll never forget or misplace another lesson plan. It’s easy to store plans for each class or subject, then recall them whenever you need—or share them with others in your school.

Connect with Educators Around the World

MusicFirst is your ticket into a worldwide community of modern educators. Use the online hub to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and connect with others who share your passion.

Excite and Engage with Online Content

There’s a huge range of valuable content online—and now MusicFirst gives you a safe, easy way to bring it into the classroom. Securely embed audio, video, and image links into your MusicFirst lessons to augment the learning experience.

Explore Notation, Recording, and More

MusicFirst delivers powerful apps for notation, recording, ear training, music history, theory, and so much more. The software seamlessly integrates with MusicFirst, so you never have to worry about compatibility or setup issues.